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failing upwards :doge
There's so much weird 70s LSD induced pseudo-religious space gods fuckery around adam warlock I'm not that surprised nobody really knows how to approach it.

...but then one of the upcoming actual being released movies is Eternals, sooooo.... :idont

My comic book knowledge comes and goes as I read trades, so I don't really remember Adam Warlock's older stuff including his role in Infinity War other than he's just super powerful. I think you can avoid all the religious Jesus stuff and just make him a super powered "perfectly engineered human who evolves in a cocoon" thing and be done with it.

In this DnA Guardians run, Warlock works pretty great with the team dynamic because him being this ultra-powered super serious no-humor person creates a great character for Quill to constantly play off of with quipps and just a "oh shit we're in over our head, do whatever the supergod guy says". So I think something like that would work really well in the film team. Would be nice if he joins early in 3.

That being said the film team so far is this rag-tag underpowered group and having a overpowered character like Warlock join would definitely make the scenes tougher to write since Warlock is one of those can beat any situation plot writing issues.

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[USER=1159]Messofanego[/USER] for sure. Bloody nice bloke and a handsome bugger to boot.


Look at this :quark HANDSOM BUGGER :quark trying to circumnavigate his ban.

Yeah, Eternals is the Marvel movie I'm the least interested in. In my 1998-2008 read of Marvel Comics outside a few Eternals characters here and there I can't think of a single Eternals focused storyline I've ever read and the characters generally are just ok.

But I'm also assuming that Marvel knows what they are doing and someone wrote them a real good script and they were like "wow, with this we can make Eternals work!" and started the project. There has to be something there.

I literally just looked up the imdb to see which Eternals characters are even in this, and...I've never heard of any of these characters. So this is gonna be a weird blank slate movie. The cast is pretty cool though. Lotta interesting actors/actresses.

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My expectations for the Dr Strange 2 tie-in is literally a post-credit scene where

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Scarlet Witch goes "oh no I am a magic witch not good at controlling my powers, I should go to magic training" and someone is like "I know just who to call..."

There is your Dr. Strange 2 Multiverse of Madness tie-in.


Like I said I'm keeping expectations for anything crazy/interesting really low, I expect next ep just gonna be

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Vision vs. Vision and in the end they merge with Vision body + Wandavision Vision personality.

Wanda learns more about the scarlet witch/chaos magic/hex powers and with the help of Monica she gets it under control and fixes everything.

The end.

I actually really enjoyed the sitcom spoof stuff with some mysteries and thought that was the highlight of the series. These last few eps are a bit too normal and not enough Kat Dennings and Randall Park.
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Nintex for being the Dutch uncle that works at Nintendo Iíve never had  :rejoice
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Even as a veteran of the franchise, I never played the remake of the original - how was it?

Had issues that were fixed after some patches, but a lot of people still didn't like the aesthetic.
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The Superdeep Borehole / Re: Who's Your Crush and Why?
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As a man of culture, I would enjoy making life to shosta, who's name is very close to Shota
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