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Re: What did you finish? 2018 Edition
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Valkyria Chronicles 4.

Really enjoyed it. I don't think it's as good as the first one, but still a real fun game.

My problems are the story gets a bit too anime over the top. In the first the characters felt removed from the main conflict, they were just soldiers experiencing the conflict. While there was some anime super powers stuff, it still did'nt feel as JRPGish as the 4th. The character's were ok and the theme of war twisting your motivations was solid. Still it felt a little ridiculous and not as "grounded" as the first one. Also the presentation allowed for more story and content, but also longer story sequences and a cheaper feeling. Since everything was cutscenes basically in the first one the pacing was a bit better and story moments more to the point.

Still lots of good content and an amazingly mechanical game.
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Re: What did you finish? 2018 Edition
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Finished Far Cry 5 over the last couple of days.

The game has some really solid foundations, when it comes to gameplay, as you can do a lot of acrobatics and manouvers, in very intuitive ways (not to the levels of a Titanfall 2, but still good).
Everything around that though is kind of bland to shit, which is a shame.

The story is insufferable (thank god for the skip button) and the gameplay loop is broken by the constant interruptions (be it story ones, or just plain enemy spawner gone wild).

You'll be scouting an enmy outpost trying to make it stealth (by far the most fun you can have with the game) and here comes an (unrelated) enemy partol, then an enemy plane just happens to fly by, then a bear, then a cougar, then another fucking partol.. all in the span of 2 minutes; it's annoying as shit.

Another problem is that these outposts last too little: You take out the alarms (usually 2 or 3, tops) and then you get to kill 5 or 6 guys and you're done; back to traveling from A to B.
It's just an out of balance gameplay loop, where you get to have 5 minutes of fun every 30 of annoyance.

And don't get me started on those AI companions, the animales can't even get on the passenger seat, and you run them over constantly, as a result.
At least in coop is a bit better, but even then, your buddy can't retain the mission progress for themselves.

It's just a mess, a mess with potentially great gameplay at its core.

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Re: What did you finish? 2018 Edition
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I'll try to remember to play some games this year, instead of just mobage trash and watching LPs on Youtube.


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Re: What did you finish? 2018 Edition
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1 Hey Pikmin - I liked the demo, kinda made me miss stylus based games. Final game was kind of forgettable though. Good underground theme.
2 God of War - Really enjoyable, especially once you get to the big temple. Little story, mostly very good action adventuring with competent level design.
3 God of War 2 - Less coherent than the first game, dumb story bits become much more of a focus and the game design isn't as good. Still, I can't deny that some sessions I've played were several hours long.
4 Binary Domain - replay. Underrated, especially because of the bosses, but I didn't enjoy it quite as much as on my first playthrough.
5 Starfox - I played this for the first time on the SNES Mini and was surprised at how enjoyable it is, especially since I don't think of the series highly. I already did several playthroughs by now.
6 Starfox 64 3D - The free roaming gimmick is as tedious as I remember it being. I prefer the first game.


7 Tales of Eternia - I took a month or so break because the overly long final boss has a 1 hit KO QTE, which killed my motivation after my first try... Other than that, it was fun. There's an amazing art direction/2D graphics and the sprites save even the otherwise dumb character designs. I liked how fast paced it was, I finished the game in 25 hours... even though I only found out you can dash after I was almost done with the game.  :doge  2D battles don't feel that different from 3D Tales though.
8 Burnout Legends - This maybe is my favorite game after Dracula X Chronicles on my LTTP PSP so far. I only ever watched people play Burnout 3 and finally got my hands on the gameplay. Still awesome, although the PSP screen makes it hard on a few maps to make out what's in the distance. And crash mode is kind of dumb because you need to go through 1 minute of menus, saving and loading between 15 second long actual missions.
9 Monster Hunter World - Easily the best playing Monster Hunter, amazing audiovisuals on top of it. I don't mind the lack of G-content, instead I'm glad they toned the series down again. It went off the rails with idol dance numbers and whatnot before this game.


10 The 25th Ward: The Silver Case - Visual novel by Grasshopper with great music and art, plus some intriguing story bits (but out of the 3 main stories it provides, I didn't like one in particular). A few puzzles are fun, but mostly it's just typing in numbers and passwords. This originally came out on cellphones in 2005, so that's probably why it's designed that way. It still plays better than Silver Case 1.


11 Ratchet & Clank PS4 - I was surprised that I didn't hate this series' Dreamworks-esque make-up. I actually chuckled at points. The environments look great, but the characters are simply hideous. The gameplay is fun, though the main problem is that every weapon is lame in one way or the other. It's cool to combine them for havoc, but none of them are that fun on their own...
12 Ni No Kuni 2 - Forgettable story, but the gameplay and presentation made it addictive anyway. Side content feels meaningful, because it is all connected by the kingdom.
13 God Of War PS4 - Very good combat, good difficulty, okay exploration and puzzle solving, very good presentation/world making, annoying story and handholding in the beginning. The kid is shit.


14 Ape Escape 2 - I liked its audiovisuals and mission structure, capturing apes feels gut. But the controls are wonky, mostly because of completely unintuitive button placement, not being able to change the inverted camera, etc.
15 Donkey Kong Country - replayed, thankfully I found the shortcut in the snow barrel stage in this playthrough.
16 Super Mario World - replayed. I like how every playthrough can be different because of its secrets, even though I still went for everything in the end.
17 Pacman 256 - I unlocked everything, so I guess that counts as finished. It's a fun iteration of Pacman, which is about going forward in an endless maze and upgrading powerups.


18 Super Mario RPG - Well paced, written and the gameplay is more fun than several of the more modern Mario RPGs. It's got a really bad art direction though, and I'm usually fond of prerendered graphics.
19 Demon's Crest - I think this has some of the best SNES spritework I've seen. It's also a fun enough action platformer, but I don't like the IGA-esque progression - i.e. lock away the real ending and a bunch of levels with no indication of such during the fake credits.
20 Bloodstained: Ritual of the Moon - Competent Castlevania clone, there's not much else to say. It's exactly what it looks like.
21 Lara Croft GO - Very good puzzle design with a competent difficulty curve and natural introduction of new mechanics. Also, the atmosphere is pretty cool for a puzzle game and I'm glad I didn't play it on a phone, on which I probably wouldn't have played with sound.
22 Zelda: A Link Between Worlds - Replayed, this was not as good as I remember. The graphics are as hideous as I remember though and the main gimmicks (lending items and wall walking) are throwaway in hindsight. What stands out are the good dungeons and music, but the pacing and exploration is somehow so much better in ALttP (of which I usually wasn't too fond of in the past, until I've also replayed that one).


23 Way of the Samurai 3 - Good music and illusion of freedom make this a cool samurai sandbox, but after a few endings and jank I had my fill.
24 Captain Toad 3DS - Cool collection of different pseudo-platforming stages based on Mario ideas and I guess perspective puzzles. The latter made it feel like something Nintendo would have done during the N64 era to highlight new 3D camera features. I guess that makes sense, considering the game comes from an era in which Nintendo tried their best to destroy their own 3D innovations from back in the day and claim people didn't understand 3D gaming until Spatoon  :doge
25 Sonic Mania - A perfect imagination of what a real/good Sonic game on Saturn would have been. Great. (So the marketing with the Genesis/Megadrive back cover is actually kinda dumb, not that it matters - the packaging is great too)


26 Megaman Powered Up - Made Megaman 1 playable, though the controls for running are a little fucked up. You get used it to it though.
27 Final Fantasy XII Zodiac Age - Really enjoyed the world building and micro management, although I don't know whether I would've liked the og release without 2x speed and quicksaves.
28 Shenmue - Some of the pacing could have been better, but the atmosphere makes up for it. Moments like training your kungfu in the park between snow and neon lights while the sun sets and the lowkey OST plays, feel like nothing else.
29 Yakuza Kiwami 2 - The new engine is great, though I don't like how they increasingly want to hold your hand for sidequests instead of just letting you explore.


30 Metal Gear Solid - Good game, although the story was obviously overhyped by kiddos back in the day. But the gameplay and atmosphere were still good. Nevertheless, it's refreshing to play a PS1 game with such a high quality voice work. I waited quite a while to get this game, because most versions over here force a horrid German dub on to the player.
31 Spyro 2 - Good platformer, like Banjo-lite. The level design is much more involving than the rather shallow first game. The camera is a little finnicky, but certainly managable compared to other games of that era.
32 Rayman Legends - Replayed this game for like the third time because of PS+. GOAT platformer controls, awesome quick pace, actual inventive worlds on top of its mechanics, doing a good online mode, fixed some annoyances of Origins, i.e. best platforming sequel of last/current generation.


33 Megaman 11 - I think this is the hardest MM game that I've played, but the difficulty feels more natural. I like the level design, a shame about the awful New Mario Bros.-esque audiovisuals.
34 Shadow of the Colossus remake - The camera is still a little shit sometimes, but they've improved the controls just enough for me to finally feel the hype for this game thoroughly.
35 Bloodborne - My first (active) Platinum, chalice dungeons aren't great, but okay enough in coop. The execution ending was my final trophy.


36 Castlevania 4 - feels good to go through the journey in one sitting (while other CV games feel more arcadey and less coherent in their 'adventure')
37 Castlevania Dracula Chronicles X - I changed between the remake and the og Rondo of Blood. I think both have their advantages, both great games.
38 Castlevania Dawn of Sorrow - Gladly I still liked this as much as back in the day, after I wasn't too hot on my LTTP Portrait of Ruin. The drop rate for souls should be higher, other than that it's great.
39 Kirby Superstar - fast paced and diverse gameplay, great presentation to this day


40 Professor Layton Last Specter - I liked that the puzzle solving felt a bit more natural than prior titles. Though some main problems remain. i.e. There's arbitrary difficulty spikes and it's annoying when a puzzle is only hard, because its long ass explanation isn't clear (especially math things). On the other hand, the atmosphere is still ace. There's also an Animal Crossing clone in this, which is kind of interest
ing for an hour or two.
41 Tetris DS - I guess I "finished" it, because I got to the credits. I was never a fan of these types of puzzle games, but several QOL features at least made Tetris somewhat fun for me for the first time. Meanwhile, I can't for the life of me comprehend things like Puyo or Dr. Mario even with several hours of practice.