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Re: Dutch directness appreciation station
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The FIA was such a fucking shitshow this season. Had they not had those horrible decisions earlier on in the year, Max would've already been champion by this point. Then you had this race were Hamilton was obviously winning and then they decide to finally rule in favour of Red Bull.

Kind of a tainted championship.
You could tell they actually tried to keep out of this race as much as they could.
Right at the start Hamilton had a 'leaving the track and gaining an advantage' moment.
Max held back waiting for the stewards to instruct Hamilton to give his spot back (as he had to do last race) but that didn't happen.

In the end the Red Bull pit strategy and Perez won the day, Mercedes skipped their pit stops and Bottas wasn't doing much to help Lewis.
The safety car ended with a lap to go, they couldn't keep the safety car active for another lap (that would've been an unfair advantage for Mercedes) and they couldn't give the green light earlier.
It was either this or an even more controversial safety car finish (a full lap with no hazard on the track)

In the end the whole thing was done by the book and Max got extremely lucky at a crucial moment.
You can't blame Toto for trying to protest but Max did everything right in that final lap.