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What a ride. Been here since 2006 when it first opened. Demi says the site will die at any time.

Here's to Willco.

Methodis being the internets most hated.

Mandark being a lovable smart ass who really just wants the best for you.

Benji...being Benji.

Triumph and his blunt frankness which has always been odd because he was always a sweet guy underneath. I always felt his exterior was a way to not show the world that he was actually kind.

Wrath, who always had the best taste in shit. I'm sure he's doing alright.

Esch, always willing to learn something new and apply it.

Bebpo, for being a guy with a good heart.

Demi for being so lovable.

Joe and Rumbler always been cute and sweet and keeping it real.

Andrex. You're better and smarter and more successful than you think. You were programming and making cool coding stuff even when you were a kid.

Bork for always being a real dude.

Tiesto for his jrpg brotherhood.

Segata for his knowledge and passion.

TEXP for always being genuine, honest, and transparent.  Absolute work horse.


My discord name is Jupiter Jazz#7787 and my Xbox tag is JupiterJazzX. Message me or not.

I love you all im MMaRsu on Steam we can connect if you want, im down to play some games

If this site goes down Ill be pretty sad, its been a great time here.

Kurt Russell:
Discord: kurt#5716


Here's to Phoenix Dark for always being the straight man.

Beezy, because of blasians.

Toku, for blessing us all up.


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