Author Topic: Cruncheons 42: Video Cards, Online DRM & SimCity, Tomb Raider, DOA5+, Atelier  (Read 3385 times)

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Eel O'Brian

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We're back, and all over the place this episode as we go from video card comparisons to online DRM to Dead or Alive to Atelier!

(3:09) Wii U roundup, more PS4 stuff
(22:23) AMD vs. Nvidia and next-gen consoles
(38:55) online DRM, and SimCity


(54:15) Assassin's Angst III
(1:06:10) Bioshock (the first one)
(1:15:00) Tomb Raider (the new one)
(1:30:00) Generation of Chaos: Pandora's Reflection
(1:34:00) 3DS...stuff
(1:39:00) Dead or Alive 5 Plus
(1:44:45) Atelier games
(1:56:00) Angel of Salvation and Puzzles & Dragons

Talk to you again soon!


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Joe Molotov

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12 minutes worth of Atelier talk, best podcast ever. :bow2

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This podcast is going straight to my urethra :heart