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these new aesop rock x blockhead tracks
« on: November 18, 2021, 02:22:10 PM »

canít tell a bad day from a death wish,
detour through the graveyard with a chefís kiss,
they donít make a pill for that, itís too advanced,
all you can do is lick your wounds, and whistle past the boogie mans,
wicked forces in the wings descending on the simple things,
like taffy at the boardwalk under ribbons of flamingo pink,
which mutates into overcrowded plinko on a laser grid,
havens turn dangerous, friendly faces, traitorous, ey,
Iím never late, Iím never early, ever right when Iím meant to, to counteract the evil that men do,
Iím a motherfucking gem in the refuse, even when the worldís ending, what the F is your excuse?


 Donít get brave around the cave mouth,
get chased, ainít no lollipop on the way out,
Iím way out, the way of the walk is a different discipline,
itís difficult, 10,000 hours get you to guinea pig,
dirtbag daddy snatch a lackey off a chessboard, hack up any edge lord,
plastic wrap deathís door, 10-4,
half-wit, I ainít your good buddy, I can however be bought with a blue slushie good god damn,
good god damn, every idol I ever met is a con man,
good god, good god, good god damn,
gotta hopscotch hot pan to hot pan good god good god good god I grew up over 7 plies of maple wood that chew up new terrain,
you laughing because Iím different, Iím laughing cuz you the same,
I been discovering a distant corner of the human brain, whose function is to see you rue the day that you rebuke the name,
donít do it, social cues bouncing off his open wounds,
folk are on some ďoh helloĒ, Iím on some hokus pokus poof, holy moly, motion blur from bloke to Canis Lupus by the 5th frame of the photo booth, 
show that to your focus group,
you can not domesticate the modern vigilante, who increasingly identifies as energy expanding,

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Re: these new aesop rock x blockhead tracks
« Reply #1 on: November 18, 2021, 07:52:47 PM »

 Lately I treat every interaction as a living wake,
thanking people close to me before the photo pixelate,
new day, folk down play the game different,
changed, and going from being chased to playing chicken,
Get your whole road map pac-maníd,
black mask, snack on whateverís in the dash cam,
Itís not an ad, hashtag, or a tap dance,
patsy, the revolution will not have jazz hands,
I know youíre alien to matters of the heart and mind,
that shit that make you park the car and scream into the dark of night,
Some days I wanna build a rocket to the Karman line,
10, 9, 8, keep your head and arms inside,  yea

blockhead makes the soundtrack to the dreams I have within my dreams  :hesright
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Re: these new aesop rock x blockhead tracks
« Reply #2 on: November 18, 2021, 08:02:32 PM »
see you on the far side,
scuffed shoes, couple new scars in the archive,
Iím not here to pull scarves out,
Here to pick tumblers under water with his arms bound,
from in chains to the heart of ďwhere art thouĒ, 
Iím out there down to throw a grapnel at a guard tower,
 Down to spray piss on a cop car,
Itís rage in the form of renaissance art,
Canít treat it like a job at the stockyard
and feign shock when they turn the block to a pock mark

 :piss :drudge :piss2

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Re: these new aesop rock x blockhead tracks
« Reply #3 on: November 18, 2021, 08:13:23 PM »

fake name, wake made of windswept village,
visit where the simps get skittish,
 some get a signal to the ships in the distance,
most get crickets,
itís slim pickinís

Folk say Iím difficult, Iím too stubborn,
Itís funny, Iím real easy, Yíall bugginí

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Re: these new aesop rock x blockhead tracks
« Reply #4 on: November 18, 2021, 08:25:24 PM »

 I know every black crow in the city by its first name,
and its surname,
and its bird call, and its birthday,
Look, Iímmmm cursed,
ran down Main like a man on fire from a church,
mangiest scalp in the state, angriest eyes in the world,

 :lawd this whole track is doing something

ďTell me old man how is that you could even know that? Itís not even a thing that scientists knows how to measureĒ,
Gramps like ďSonny I been all over this motherfucking road map, I can tell you science ainít the only player in the network",
Yaíll shoulda seen the boy face,
Nothing like a smug young punk realizing what his counterpoint ainít,
all the smartest people that I know seem to teeter in a paranoid state,
You can know it all and never know you havenít actually departed point A,
Wait, wait, wait, wait, wait, wait,
you saying thereís a B?,
no,  Iím saying you wonít ever need to limit the edition when youíre free

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