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I saw there's a complete translation released for the PS2 SRW OGs game.

It reminded me that it's mid-December and absolutely nothing announced again for new SRW. It makes me wonder if the mainline SRW teams aren't dead and have been re-assigned to other more profitable namco/bandai games while the smaller handheld team that X//V/T is now handling mainline SRW and taking their time since T to make another one.

Because normally SRW announces their March/April game in December. And for a decade+ they had announcements every year in December. 2020 was the first year in forever where there was no SRW announced/released, and now if there's no announcement, 2021 is iffy as well.

Meanwhile the mainline SRW licensed team hasn't released a game since Z3-2 in 2015.
The OGs team hasn't released a game since Moon Dwellers in 2016.

That's....yeah, not good.

SRW as a franchise has been selling fewer and fewer although Asia sales have helped make up some of the loss. But we still went from selling 300k+ in Japan to <100k per entry.

In the modern game sales economy and with a big company like Bandai Namco, they don't care about their franchises, they care about the bottom line $$$. When they can put the same staff on mobile game development that makes 100 million+ or assist on some HD anime game that will sell well, or have them make a fancy 2d SRW game that will sell <100k copies and only in Japan and Asia because just doesn't make business sense for Bamco to invest a lot of money into mainline SRW games anymore.

Definitely a bit concerned that SRW is essentially dead.

And we never even got our Gundam Iron-Blooded Orphans entry :(

The SRW Twitter accounts I follow have been saying that 2021 is the 30th anniversary of the series, so that's when something will be announced.