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They ultimately agreed with Brie Larson's sentiment, just not the way she put it out there, and it didn't impact their view of the movie, nor was any of that involved in the movie itself. One recommended it, the other didn't but not out of thinking it was terrible or bleh women :yuck but out of boredom of an unnecessary story in an already too bogged down with characters and MacGuffins universe. Absolutely nothing for RE types to get their jimmies rustled. The super cut of nothing but people of color/women doing pressers with Star Wars casts right after she said that people other than white dudes would like to talk to the Star Wars people  :lol

This isn't anything like their Ghostbusters 2016 discussion where they accused Sony (and Paul Feig)  of intentionally publicizing and possibly even encouraging the sexist backlash for PR purposes.


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