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Re: This US election, white people, and the aftermath
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From the gaf thread where Fistful admits he had a blind spot on the rust belt and concentrated too much on social issues and Trump's awfulness:

It was a blind spot for me too. I've never really been to the rust belt. I've been to the country plenty of times - I'm from Texas so of course - but it's hard for me to reconcile it because that way of life is so foreign to me. I don't know anyone in the country and all the people I know from the country don't live in the country because there's better opportunities in the city. I have lived in a bubble and didn't recognize that the fact people have to move to cities is partly part of the problem. You shouldn't have to have your way of life die out because of the absence of the very political policy that promises to assist all of us. It's a hard pill to swallow...but I get it now. David Wong was right. Thisismyusername was right too. Dems and Republicans fucked up. When you see someone like Trump willing to topple over both establishments and your way of life is crumbling and you can't find a fucking job, you're gonna want to cry out for help. I know that for all my criticisms of Hillary and even Obama, I've been willing to look away because they will help *me* but I've unfortunately lived life without the self awareness that people may have legitimate grievance. More than anything, we need someone to help out rural and middle America and not on empty promises and not in a manner that affects the environment in a negative way (i.e. bringing back coal).

I've said on here and on gaf that white people are racist, but it's ultimately an amalgamation of my fear, of my hurt, of my pain. It could have been potentially harmful and destructive and I just didn't give a shit.

So in that way, I can see where they're coming from. I know personally that when you're in pain, you go swinging no matter where it lands and no matter who it hurts. It's a very human quality. I have had so much anger the past few years since Ferguson that I have not aired pubicly until it ballooned into what it is now. After the election I let it out in a reasonable, not angry way to people I know in real life, and my fear and distrust of white people and I've gotten support from all manners of people and backgrounds. It has forced me to reconsider my position and realize that my words were not skillful and caused nothing but harm.

I am locking this thread because it was harmful and contains some of the harshest emotions I have ever felt. It shouldn't have been made in the first place and I apologize.