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Video Game Bored / Re: Nintendo Switch Thread
« Last post by Svejk on June 20, 2024, 10:53:39 AM »
I really hope MP4 goes deep... Like going subterranean, claustrophobic, inhabitable environment deep, and fucks with your head some.  Feeling a sense of being stuck in the bowels of said planet.  The 2010 Halo-tier look so far hasn't struck that chord yet.  Not saying it needs to be teh dark souls of Metroidz, just bring that sense of immersion the first one did during it's gen.  If Switch 2 had VR, that would definitely help.  Would buy that instantly.

Nintendo Rant trigger warning... big shocker, I know
I think that's my issue with this gen for Nintendo.  They brought nothing innovative to the table outside the screen, other than switching easily between a tv and handheld.  Shit, The WiiU had more innovative gameplay with it's titles.  Just because they keep pumping out stuff that's ONLY on Switch, 1st party, doesn't automatically make it a top tier, fun game. There's nothing they've put out that can't be played on, say, a Switch emulator, or any other console.   They started with stuff like ARMS, which was unique and a new IP, but then just put out stuff that could be developed on the WiiU or GC even.  It's great they're trying new stuff (with polish!), but expanding (sometimes eliminating) the beloved gameplay styles on classic 1st party IP's doesn't breath fresh air into them... We loved and played them because of what they were.  If Nintendo is this creative, why not make a new IP with such gameplay, like they did with ARMS?  It's kinda cheap (and sad) they have to sell these new ideas by slapping a well known label on it and calling it new.  I know they're better than this, but the only thing they have going (and their main tactic.. you'd be blind not to see it), is luring much younger kids in, because they know parents will buy because of said labels, nothing more.   Just not buying it.... I want to, but just not this gen.  It's done nothing for me, unlike prior Nintendo generations.
Video Game Bored / Re: What are you playing?
« Last post by demi on June 20, 2024, 10:52:44 AM »
Saturn quick hits:

- Steamgear Mash

A japan only title by Tamsoft! I know that name because they made GUARDIAN'S CRUSADE the best game ever. Anyway, it's an isometric platformer/action game where you navigate a maze and find powerups to blow up blocks to progress. Kinda metroidvania? But not really. Anyway, I got lost a lot and the map isnt very helpful.

- Amok

This game is made with a voxel engine! It emanates early PS1 aura, which can be menacing or embracing depending on your viewpoint. Me personally I liked it. It also has this crazy menu music from Jesper Kyd. I didnt finish it though, the levels kind of dragged on and you only get "one life" unless you reach the next level which gives you a password, so if you die, you start all the way back at the beginning. But it wasnt bad.

- DecAthlete

One of several sports arcade games on the system. It was cool, but there really wasnt much for me to get out of this besides carpal tunnel from mashing buttons.

- Steep Slope Sliders

A snowboarding game made by Cave! Also I had no idea how to play it, but file it under sports arcade game. I'll stick with other snowboarding games.

- Shinrei Jutsatsu Taroumaru

A japan only title that is apparently one of the "holy grails" of Saturn collecting as there were like only 7000 copies made. It's a side scrolling action game where you zap shit a lot. The entire game is one seamless transition between levels, there are no "levels" if that make sense. Also this game hurt my wrists BAD because of how goofy the targeting and how attacking works. Thankfully there didnt seem to be any game overs?? So I just powered through it.

- Crimewave

A european exclusive, where you drive around and shoot cars to earn money to proceed to other levels? At first I was like "dude this looks like Future Cop LAPD" but it definitely is not as good as that gem. I only played for a little bit before moving on.
Video Game Bored / Re: Dunkey
« Last post by Svejk on June 20, 2024, 09:49:45 AM »
I liked the idea of the interchangeable faceplates on the OG 360s. I received one for attending an MS event, sold it for US$150 on eBay.
It would have been nice to be able to swap out faceplates, have them be a physical part of special edition game, etc. Too bad they didn't really take off.
Video Game Bored / Re: Nintendo Switch Thread
« Last post by Nintex on June 19, 2024, 04:05:11 PM »
Feast your eyes on the uncompressed trailer of METROID PRIME BEYOND

God tier Direct, those SNES/Super Famicom RPG remakes look fantastic.
Metroid Prime Beyond looked like they pulled it out of a time capsule, like finding an untouched artefact.

Zelda looks like a fun take on the series and I've waited for another game with Links Awakening graphics ever since that released.

90% of everything they showed will be in our hands before the year is over.

Nintendo won E3 and they didn't even lift the curtain on the Switch 2.

Video Game Bored / Re: Nintendo Switch Thread
« Last post by Let's Cyber on June 19, 2024, 03:33:35 PM »
I find humor in the fact so many of the people crying for playable Zelda this entire time really just wanted a model swap with boobs and nothing unique in gameplay department.

Her mechanics look enjoyable and promote creativity.

Video Game Bored / Re: Nintendo Switch Thread
« Last post by Raist on June 19, 2024, 02:05:05 PM »
THIS is the new Zelda??  Whyyyyy?  Wtffffff.  :notlikethis

You had ONE job, Nintendo...

People for the past 20 years: Pls let us play as Zelda

Nintendo: OK fine we'll do it now

People: Yay

Nintendo: women can't fight tho, so she'll be summoning furniture
Video Game Bored / Re: What are you playing?
« Last post by Joe Molotov on June 19, 2024, 11:03:48 AM »
Playing Elden Ring NG+ to get back to Mohgwyn's Palace for the DLC. I did all that the first time through, but then I left my NG+ save at the tutorial, so I had to redo it. Not too hard at Lv. 160; just steamrolled Radahn on my way to the Consecrated Snowfields.
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