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The Superdeep Borehole / Re: Becoming a student of Joe Rogan thought
« Last post by Leadbelly on Today at 09:03:43 PM »
I feel like I need to smoke a lot of weed to watch this Kanye West interview.
SB is expensive as fuck bro are you at least holing up in goleta? maybe head over to boring ass lompoc ;)
If he wins by scotus ruling I'm gonna kill myself so I definitely won't need my money
It'll probably end in a tie and a coin toss :american
Shosta is Watson
Nintex is Henry
how can you know if you're fucking good if you haven't been fucked yourself? it would be like making food without ever tasting it.
I'd be out and about more right now with my sister and niece around to help with mom. problem is I was out of work for a month, so I don't have much fuck around with money to drive out to santa barbara everyday and eat out or whatever  :trumps

Any chance they can choose cheaper places for your budget, or even cook at home with them?
I have a 1080ti and I'm not gonna bother upgrading until more games support ray tracing. By that point, whatever the successor to Ampere is will likely be getting announced/released so hopefully I can snag a 3080 on the cheap.
Yeah Trump wins the general election. Either by an electoral college victory, SCOTUS ruling, Senate vote or what other possible fuckery when it ends up in another Bush v. Gore clusterfuck.
$50 Trump wins? Deal
I want in on this. I offer double or nothing that a statistical tie will not happen in a state that can solely decide the election ala Florida in 2000.

Triple or nothing of that that a Senate vote will not decide the Presidency.

Discussing and disagreeing over the tactics of Congressional Democrats is fair game, but avoid making insinuations or attacks against your fellow members. Remember that if you so strongly disagree with somebody that you don't think you can be civil, you need to report them or use the ignore button. Attacking other members will result in a ban.
you do?
The Superdeep Borehole / Re: Fat Fuzzy Squirrel
« Last post by filler on Today at 08:35:16 PM »

most chill owl breh
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