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Video Game Bored / Re: Nintendo Switch Thread
« Last post by Joe Molotov on Today at 08:57:17 AM »
I followed up out of curiosity, apparently the Saints Row patch has upgraded it to perform closer to PS3 standards :success


They shined that shit up for the Cell.
I hate everything about the Pete logo. All of it.

It looks like they hired the person who designed t-shirts for Aeropostale. Not the ones that sold well, but the ones that ended up on the clearance racks.

The first Test Drive: Unlimited was really good, spent many hours just cruising around Oahu looking at the sights.
I'm going to choose to believe this version of the story because it was the first "recap" I came across and then I stopped looking for one:
Quote from: The Official Canonical Fact-Checked Completely Series Of Events
So Heidi was a secret slutbag who begged her husband to spitroast her with her cosplay friend while claiming to be a monogamous pure angel on Twitter. She also actively pushed Jared to be involved with Holly despite Holly being married. And she started this shitshow by going scorched earth on him on Facebook and then later Twitter.

Holly meanwhile is """asexual""" and blue balling Ross for SEVEN YEARS until goblin-boy Jared comes along and she's suddenly all over his dick. Also, she doesn't care that Jared allegedly sent explicit images to minors.

Jared has been sending dickpics to minors according to his ex-wife, his side-chick and several of his fans. He also wants to exit his marriage with "style and grace" while divorcing his wife via fucking Twitter.

All three are playing the muh-mental-health-card to excuse their disgusting degeneracy.

And Ross is trying to stay out of this shitshow. But he is being pulled in by the sheer gravitational force of this disaster and is emerging to be either the biggest beta giant dad in existence by never having sex with his wife for seven years and then be cheated on, or being a degenerate himself by being okay with Jared fucking his wife.

spoiler (click to show/hide)
also because it would say giant dad in it :teehee
Video Game Bored / Re: Nintendo Switch Thread
« Last post by benjipwns on Today at 08:51:52 AM »
Would have been funnier if it was the first RE4 PC version that they ported.
Video Game Bored / Re: Nintendo Switch Thread
« Last post by Svejk on Today at 08:47:11 AM »
Struggling last gen Switch ports    :rejoice
Video Game Bored / Re: What are you playing?
« Last post by demi on Today at 08:45:45 AM »
speedruns seem to use Serge / Fargo / Glenn as the main characters, i'm sure theres a speedrun purpose to that
Cool thanks.  Yeah, I'm reading that The Crew has gotten more praise than NFS of late (this gen).  TC being compared to NFS Payback and Rivals, most are saying TC by a long shot.  I will probably browse some on Steam too for lest gen type stuffz.  Yeah, ..I guess the genre(?) died off once Fast&Furious came out and tainted the medium.   :doge
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