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Yeah, like those calculator watches are super fucking cool.
They're actually worse and should be the first targets really. I mean, Nazi's and Russians are pure evil to their core but they can't help it, they were born that way and ultimately don't know any better, those are mercy killings practically. But BernieBros, Gamergate apologists, Putin agents like Snowden and Greenwald and Seth Rich and James Comey, "non-violence" advocates, the ACLU, "rule of law" fetishists, alt account users, "both sides are the same" agents, contrarian trolls, Moderate Darlings™, etc. all claim to know better and are "principled" but yet these bears in the woods only actively fight #TheResistance and always only support one side: genocidal white cis men supremacists.

That's why it's time for a mass social leveling and rivers of blood from any and all who aide and abet evil until it's extinct as an idea. Now it's our turn, we are the ones we've been waiting for. Now I know what Rosa Parks and Nelson Mandela were thinking and feeling when they said "enough!"

Year Zero starts next week. Ish.

Maybe, we'll have to coordinate our calendars or something I have to meet a guy over coffee about a video game idea I had regarding some British ghosts, oh and there's a brand new Adventure Capitalist event coming up plus I just remembered I need to swing by the pharmacy and I've got some stuff I need to watch plus I want to play more Frontier Defense and PUBG. Plus I have to stay hooked to the forum in case anything happens I need to immediately comment on.
Watches are either cool or super dorky.
Why did they speed up the show so much?

This season could easily have been two seasons. It would have been better.

PS: I called Lord Baelish setting Arya up the second he looked over to the spot she was standing.
first issue of metal i actually really liked, not sure why they titled the first two issues differently, they'll have to include them in the collected editions anyway

they even used morrison's multiversity map in universe :heart

and then he tied the whole plot into Morrison's Batman run, specifically when Batman was hopping through time that Morrison had hooked onto a story from the 1990s, and that Snyder has now hooked onto his whole tale about Gotham and why the Court of Owls cared so much about the Waynes, and why both Morrison and he spent so much time on what's under Gotham :lawd

so much continuity porn :rejoice

too bad Snyder hasn't shown he can write a story that can handle all this into a non-big-punch-fest-finish epic like Morrison, so withhold full-on canon nut busting until further notice :noah
The Superdeep Borehole / Re: as members of the alt-left...
« Last post by Atramental on Today at 08:26:15 AM »
Post the dankest memes.  :rash
I haven't worn a watch since my teens which is like in the mid 90's, I  didn't like how they got stuck on sleeves and how your hand would sweat under them. Also phones came out and you had the time on you all the time (late 90's).

Lately I've entertained the idea of having a watch as a pointless accessory (because I really ran out of things I would like I guess and watches do look nice) , but I always come back to how pointless it is for anything but looks and how I would find it annoying having it on my hand.
Don't care about them as status symbols or man toys, but I can appreciate the craftsmanship. I'd only wear cheap watches though, because poor people's paranoia.

Check out this community thread. OnkelC is German, so he likely has opinions on German brands as well.
Video Game Bored / Re: EDGELORDUNKNOWN's Battlegrounds is the tits
« Last post by Valkyrie on Today at 08:19:56 AM »

Today we are changing our patch and update schedule to improve how we work on the game, as well as set realistic expectations for players. Until the official release of the game, we will not have our scheduled weekly or monthly patches rolling out as often as before.
Video Game Bored / Re: Sonic Mania ~ First Good SANIC In Decades
« Last post by Exodust on Today at 07:57:04 AM »
What are you supposed to do with Studiopolis' first boss? Nothing hurts the flying guys and the missiles kill you.

Hit the blue missiles.
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