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The Superdeep Borehole / Re: RedLetterMedia Thread
« Last post by Nintex on Today at 05:55:45 AM »
The Birthday banner bit was hilarious  :lol

And bagging someone in like the year 2400  :picard
Maybe it's an algorithm thing, like she gets more hits calling herself bbw instead of thicc. Good for her and her man I guess. Couple that shoots amateur porn together stays together?

Thatís exactly the reason. Porn tagging is annoying as fuck and so are titles. I hate that shit.
18 y/o pregnant amateur couple granny stepsister sucks Asian BBC compilation
The press had a normal one and so did Era. At this point the bar is so low that... well just rock bottom.
Let me get this straight, so the woman that tweeted out not even an hour after Kobe died the article about his sexual assault claims got rightfully dragged by his fans.
with some of them going maybe a little far because they'd just found out their hero had died and told her to "kill herself etc"
she then has to remove the tweet because it was unprofessional and she starts a sob story about receiving death threats to put the true woke twist on it?
Now she is suspended because of her actions, the issue is that this is now a gamergate like act?


Fuck that woman, she deserves to lose her job, she didn't deserve the death threats, although they're empty as fuck. from what I saw before she deleted the post it was mainly along the lines of
"Kill Yourself" "I hope karma bites you in the ass" "Wish you died instead of him etc" I didn't see an actual "I am going to kill you"
she's not even a sports writer, and she most likely has made her colleagues jobs now a lot harder
as I'm pretty sure anyone who knew Kobe would probably tell The Post to get fucked if they ask for an interview over Kobe or anything NBA related.

But of fucking course ERA now using this as a way to cancel a deadman because they're parasitic scum, change the forum name to CoronaEra.
guess who's been hanging out on
(Image removed from quote.)
Iím guessing heís going back to edit out all his posted racism and misogyny.
Who the fuck is running this place? 
master blaster...
Video Game Bored / Re: Random Gaming Talk Thread
« Last post by benjipwns on Today at 04:19:24 AM »
he is making me nervous with his eyes
Sure but I think itís Un-American to call someone who wasnít convicted (and in this case, didnít even stand trial) guilty. If the case was strong enough to convict, they could have proceeded without the accuser as many prosecutors do. As some are saying in this thread, you canít have it both ways.
  User Banned (2 months): Ignoring Staff Mod Post, Dismissing Allegations of Sexual Assault

We never got a trial. I still abide by the American justice system tenet of innocent until proven guilty. The opportunity for a trial was there. It was passed on, especially as the details that came out at the time were inconsistent.
User banned (duration pending): Dismissing allegations of sexual assault. Ignoring staff post. Account in junior phase

Yet you will find the same exact people on this site cry about prison rehabilitation and giving a ďsecond chanceĒ. None of these fucks give two shits about anything other than getting woke points.
User Banned (1 Month): Ignoring the Staff Post, Whataboutism
Why not, people gather to the center to grief, like how people gather to the thread, so answer the question, would you go to the Staple center yesterday and bring up the rape?
I not playing devil advocate, I am try to see people social ability to deal with people that are grieving. I would like an answer, I will try not to judge you.
 User Banned (2 Months): Ignoring Staff Post, Trolling in a Sensitive Topic, Account in Junior Phase

The man died in a horrific accident with his daughter, leaving behind his grieving wife and three other daughters.

What exactly is being achieved by saying "yeah but he was a rapist" within hours of his death?

There's most definitely a discussion to be had about sweeping these things under the rug, but have some fucking human decency at least.
User banned (2 months): Hostility, community attacks, dismissing concerns over sexual assault over multiple posts

This guy says 17 years of redemptive service shows growth and change.  But he says it to Excel
I'll just ask; Is there ever a point where someone is forgiven for a mistake or a crime? Bryant apologized for what happened, he paid for it on multiple levels, made amends, and from all accounts became a dedicated family man and good human being after it happened.

Do we really compare someone like that to someone like Trump who has never apologized, repeatedly raped women (probably even young girls), and even bragged about doing it?

What's your alternative? Vigilante justice like how they used to do black men accused of raping white women?
User Banned (Duration Pending): Inflammatory Trolling Surrounding Sexual Assault Allegations

Im going to say this. There's a time and place for everything. Immediately after the untimely death of him and his child is NOT the place to do so. There's a conversation to be had certainly but come on. You can exercise a little self restraint especially considering the tragedy happened a little over 24hours ago. There's no need to already put the SURVIVING family members who are all women through dragging that back up.
User Banned (1 Week): Threadwhining in a Serious Thread

Who the fuck is running this place? 

The Superdeep Borehole / Re: Make Memes Dank Again
« Last post by benjipwns on Today at 04:16:37 AM »
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