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The Superdeep Borehole / Re: The Movie News/Reviews Thread
« Last post by Great Rumbler on Today at 08:16:04 PM »
I'll be honest, Transformers 5 flaming out at the box office gives me life.
The Superdeep Borehole / Re: Happy birthday Human Snornado
« Last post by El Babua on Today at 08:11:37 PM »
Happy Birthday!
The Superdeep Borehole / Re: The Movie News/Reviews Thread
« Last post by Kaffir The Reaper on Today at 08:11:07 PM »
The bane of every amateur film critics' existence, Bayformers, may finally be truly dead. It opened to $69M in the US, with about $45M from the weekend. It's numbers dropped considerably everywhere except for China in comparison to Age Of Extinction, and in China it's projected to come in $70-100M behind AOE.

Michael Bay's decade long reign of flowing, bitter nerd tears shall be etched in the annals of time. Nobody thought anybody could carry George Lucas' torch, but the attitude era demanded more casual racism and piss jokes.
First of all, welcome back Biz.

Damn. If that sets her off like that then I'd say it wasn't going to work anyway.
I was standing behind the makeshift bar in a tent at Pride pouring beers for what passes as Oklahoma City’s hip LGBTQ scene—a reflection of the socioeconomic status of a state where it’s legal to fire people for being gay. I looked at my watch again and it was almost ten o’clock. I told my girlfriend I had volunteered to bartend at the Pride festival and the tips were going to BLM and she told me she wanted to join me.

After two hours I figured she wasn’t coming but she texted me and told me she was there looking for me. A few minutes later she showed up in a loose, flowery jumpsuit and heels. She smiled at me and said, “I love it here. I have been complimented twice on my outfit by men and there’s no creepy sexual overtones. It’s great!” Those men were right—she looked great.

We stood awkwardly for a few moments and she told me that she wasn’t dressed to bartend and needed to go home to get her dog so she could spend the night with me. I told her that I was a little upset that she had showed up two hours late and was leaving. I recalled how the day before she had skipped out on a networking event she told me she attend with me and now it was more of the same.

She looked at me with a slight puzzlement and then anger flashed in her eyes. She paused a second and said, “I’ll see you tomorrow.” She walked away.

I haven’t seen or heard from her in 44 hours. I guess that’s another one for the books.

Sigh.  I had hoped the Millennials would be the ones to kill Free Speech for once but looks like Generation Z has been brainwashed and thinks it's a good thing.   

That's a decent article on the last election. Some rehash, obviously, but the part about the studies conducted in Macomb, Michigan are very good and bring some perspective.

There’s a certain tragedy to that description. Clinton had developed what was in many ways a populist agenda, but she apparently could never get past her own self-consciousness about Wall Street speeches and fund-raising in the Hamptons to make these issues her own.

Polling by the group Priorities USA Action shows that a stunning percentage of the voters who switched their allegiance from Obama to Trump believe that Democratic economic policies favor the rich—42 percent, nearly twice the number who consider that to be true of Trump’s agenda.

His moderator asked the subjects whether it worried them that Trump had stocked his administration with Wall Street chieftains. That piece of news, it seemed, hadn’t traveled widely in Macomb, and it consistently rattled the groups. “It’s going to be a lot of the same old garbage,” one man groused. Concerns about Trump’s temperament did nothing to dislodge the participants’ support—the connection these voters felt with Trump was personal and deep—but the fact that he might align with traditional Republicans annoyed them to no end. (The groups reacted angrily when shown photos of Paul Ryan and Mitch McConnell. People described them as “shifty” and “for the upper class.”) What many Macomb voters value about Trump is that he represents an unaligned force in American politics. That’s the very quality that in earlier election cycles led them to Obama.
(Image removed from quote.)


Do I even want to look up what "themes" he took away from that?

I mean, he finds a fucking truck stop to be an "eye opening" experience?  :picard
Whose alt is Autodidact there is no way a real person is this corny
Quote from: Autodidact
"Both sides" has infected print media to some extent, which surprises me. Conservatives watch TV, but I can't imagine many of them read the NYT.


Quote from: Autodidact
I think from now on I'll replace the term oppo with TICK TICK BOOM. It feels so much more visceral and exciting.

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